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Mit 37 JahrenOlympiasieger Andre Myhrer beendet seine Karriere

Der Schwede Andre Myhrer gehörte mehr als zehn Jahre zur absoluten Weltspitze. Nun beendet der 37-Jährige seine Karriere.

Andre Myhrer verabschiedet sich
Andre Myhrer verabschiedet sich © (c) GEPA pictures (GEPA pictures/ Mario Kneisl)

Das schwedische Ski-Team hat seinen nächsten herben Abgang zu beklagen. Nachdem Matts Olsson mit 31 Jahren sein Karriereende verkündete, zog nun Olympiasieger Andre Myhrer nach. Der 37-Jährige gehörte zur absoluten Weltspitze im Slalom.

Sein größter Erfolg war die Goldmedaille bei den Olympischen Winterspielen 2018 in Pyeongchang. Acht Jahre zuvor gelang ihm bei den Spielen in Vancouver bereits Olympia-Silber. In der Saison 2011/12 holte er sich die kleine Slalom-Kristallkugel. Bei 250 Starts im Weltcup gelangen ihm 30 Podiumsplatzierungen, achtmal stand er sogar ganz oben am Treppchen.

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That´s a wrap!! 🙏 After a long career in ski racing, Cortina was going to be my last show, I had it all planned out and I was going to win that race 😎 Finals have been my thing.. 😉💪 then Corona happened.. 😷 Everything has a beginning and an end and my career as a professional ski racer has come to an end, not at all in the way I had pictured it but however an end and even though I´m very disappointed I couldn’t make that last start, that last push I am grateful for this last season where I together with my family and team made it possible to get to that start gate, prepared and ready to race for the podiums which has always been my goal. 🏆 Ski racing has been my life and passion for so long. Looking back I achieved many of the goals I set out as a young ski racer with the Olympic Gold as the biggest highlight, a dream come true and something I am very proud of. 🥇 All the way from my ski club to the great team I’ve been in this last year I came across so many great people, all driven and amazing individuals who helped me on my journey and to you I am so grateful, Thank you ALL for your dedication! 😍 Its really been a blast! I didn’t get to make that ”last” run but I have so many runs to look back on throughout the years, many terrible, some decent, a few good and a handful of amazing ones who made all the difference, made all of those countless hours of training worth it. 🍾 I am gonna miss it all, the amazing people around the tour and that feeling you have on start minutes away from a run. At the same time I am looking forward to next chapter in life and what ever that will bring, I am looking forward to it with joy and excitement. 💫 Thanks to Mom and Dad for your lifelong support, my wife @madelenemyhrer for your determination to make this work for us and our family, our kids for countless hours of FaceTime, @skiteamswedenalpine for believing in me, all my teammates throughout the years and to my sponsors for making it possible to live this life to its fullest! And Thank YOU for Your support!! 🙏 Stay safe and healthy in this strange times and take care of each other! We’ll get through this as well, together! ❤️ See you around, Andre

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