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    Konträres "herbst"-Finale mit drei Bühnenwerken Eine herbstliche   Landpartie Voriger Artikel Aktuelle Artikel: steirischer herbst Nächster Artikel Konträres "herbst"-Finale mit drei Bühnenwerken Eine herbstliche   Landpartie
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    Q & A mit Apparatjik


    Foto © Martin JoppenApparatjik

    * Do you like being called a supergroup?
    yes. it means that people think we are super. we actually do have superpowers, but very limited ones: jonas can fly, but very slowly and only 7 inches off the ground, guy can see the future, but only 2 seconds into it. martin and i have the same superpower - we can perform sexually for at least 4 minutes - without stopping!!

    * How important is it for Apparatjik that everyone of you already has their own most successful carreer? And have you ever considered not to reveal who the persons behind apparatjik are?
    we wilk never reveal who the real peole behind apparatjik are. we are the handpuppets of the apparat, and our puppeteers are some serious individuals indeed, cosmically speaking.

    * On the website of steirischer herbst, apparatjik are described as "50% Art, 50% Pop". is there anything you want to add/correct, e.g. science?
    this is false: we are 50% art, 50% music, 50% mutant neurology, and 50 % rhumba. oh, and 57% regurgitated biofuel, type ZIM3911.

    * Did the work with Apparatjik influence your other work as musicians/artists?
    yes. the apparat influences everything everywhere.

    * What do members of your main bands think about Apparatjik?
    we are sorry, the premise is wrong. it implies thinking, which is in no way a requisite ability in musical bands on the whole.

    * How can we imagine you four working on the songs - do you mostly send each other tracks or do you write them together in a studio?
    you can imagine foxes running through the forest pretending to be mice, four men on a bummel, twenty-three versions of blackadder (multiverse bbc classic) all talking at the same time, and a duck longing to be buried in soy sauce.

    * How conceptual is your music itself?
    not very conceptual. with any concept, paralyzing moments of panic arise where one realizes the utter futility of action. any action. apparatjik do, then think. we learn by failing better and better.

    * After mission "agreeneryouniverse" is completed, what is going to happen? Release of new songs or even more?
    we were thinking sequel here - they always seem to work in this universion. maybe anevengreeneryouniverse, or agreeneryouniversity - to engage the studentbody. we do know some students, and usually their bodies need engaging.

    * What or who is the eye-on committee?
    we are very sorry. this information is claffisied. you will have to kill us and yourself to get it.

    * Which role does your artistic director, Ute Meta Bauer, play? How big is her influence?
    ute plays. in fact, apparatjik is the first time she has ever played. as a child she was more mature than anyone on the planet. she is, however, gradually showing promising signs of regression.

    * The leitmotif, the guiding theme of steirischer herbst this year is "Second Worlds - Real and unreal parallel systems". How to Apparatjik fit into this topic?
    we only perform in situations that make mindtravel possible. there is nothing to be afraid of here - please come with us!

    * What can we expect from your performance in Graz on Saturday? Any special adapations for Graz?
    graz is the guiding light in postmodern suburban development. our aim is to bring it back to ca 1953, and find the austrian doris day. you can expect a kind of kinetic void. a feeling of missing something you never had.

    * Have you ever heard about steirischer herbst and/or Graz before?
    no, but we also did not know that graz is the gravitational home of the random generator. we are pleased to be astronautically involved,

    * You almost exclusively perform at art festivals or in galleries. On purpose?
    we tried religion. we tried shoppingmalls. the artworld is a slippery slope, we know, but they love apparatjik, so what can we do - deny them us?!!?

    * Is there anything you would like to ask yourself?
    where is that fucking fuzzpedal?

    * And would you also like to answer it?
    in the rock closet, waiting for a time when tolerance will allow it to come out.


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